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The club is managed by volunteers (the committee) who are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting



Mick Barraclough: 
Club Chairman - Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor

  • Responsible for the smooth running of the club and Committee and for determining policy and managing issues and problems that may affect the club.

Paul Child: 
Vice Chair –
Advanced Diver and Advanced Instuctor

  • Deputises for the Chair in his absence and undertakes special duties and projects as necessary with other committee and club members.


Mick Barraclough: 
Diving Officer - Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor

  • Oversees all diving activity and diving standards within the club, agreeing trips and activities and appointing responsible persons to manage dives.

Kevin Rawson:
Training Officer- Advanced Diver and Assistant Open Water Instructor.

  • Responsible for co-ordinating and managing all the training activity within the club (pool, theory courses and open water)

Hilary Child: 
Club Secretary- Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor.

  • Deals with all internal communication and correspondence within the club, producing meeting and AGM minutes and circulating BSAC information.

Bob lock: 
Treasurer - Advanced Diver and assistant Instructor.

  • Manages the Club finances and subs, and all payments to and from the Club accounts.

Bob Lock: 
Membership Secretary - Advanced Diver and assistant Instructor.

  • Manages all the club and BSAC memberships and payments.

Andy Kelly:
Boat Officer - sports Diver.

  • Responsible for ensuring the availability of the club RIBs and the general maintenence and upkeep of the boats and their eqipment.

Sandra Burgan: Bar Steward and fund raiser -  Dive Leader.

  • Responsible for managing the club house and bar and organising fund raising for the club.

Mick Keenan: 
. Equipment Officer - . Dive leader.

  • Responsible for ensuring that the pool diving equipment is available  to support  the training officer and instructors.

Bernard Stephenson: 
Building Officer - Advanced Diver and assistant Instructor.

  • Manages all aspects of the property and it's equipment ensuring that any maintenance is carried out.



Sportivate  Bradford Sub Aqua Club Inspiring Female Recruitment.  

Bradford scrutiny panel have approved our recently submitted Sportivate project application and forwarded it to Sport England.

We expect to receive confirmation regarding the final decision before the end of September. 



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