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Just some of the diving reports that members do
Diving Blog

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Diving At Capernwray 30th December2020 As the last dive in 2020 and dive sites limited by the covid restrictions we booked in at capernwray 8 members braved the minus air temperatures to find the water a pleasant 8deg Callum and Ben enjoyed there first dive free from instructors christian practiced his bouancy and had his first look at planes Dave and Ben J visited the knome garden

Bailiff Wood


How to get here This site is half way down Coniston with Fir Island nearby. The woodland belongs to the Forestry Commission who have set aside picnic areas with tables and benches and toilets. The woods offer long walks and the air is heavy with the sent of conifer and other shrubbery. Parking This is yet another well appointed parking place with welcome amenities and forest walks for the family to enjoy. They could also walk along the shoreline of the lake and watch the ferries glide back and forth along this busy waterway while you go diving. If Yachts are everywhere, you will need an SMB for safety. The wardens monitoring the yachts are eagle eyed, so if you do not have an SMB you will be approached by them for sure - and these guys and women have teeth! Brief This is one of three sites that offer the deepest diving in Coniston. Not only are these deep if you want them to be but you have dramatic scenery below. Rock faces and ledges to cruise over and with Bailiff wood a few years ago "The Lady in the Lake" was discovered here. Frequented by all the local dive clubs in this area which should suggest to you how good it is. Torches are obligatory if you are planning deeper than 15 to 20 metres. Bailiff Wood tends to be everyone's favourite dive site along this side of the lake so you may not be along on Sunday's. The Dive Select Media Heading out (west) and then moving north at ten metres. This offers a dive down to 10 metres where you will come to the abyss. This is a vertical undercut rock face running north to south. She bottom's out at just over 40 metres. Just before reaching the abyss there used to be a toilet and bath that local buds added to this attraction for the trainee's. Unfortunately some one has pushed these over the side and are now unretrivable without a lot of effort. Should you find the toilet intact, lift the lid if still on, and enjoy the read! There are also the usual perch past the 15 metre mark. Hazards to Divers None to report unless you try to sit on the loo - see Media Photo b) of webmaster Paulwith all lights blazing one end and dare we say - we are not sure about his other end !!??